About Us

About Us

Charcoal, From the Wilderness of Jawa

PT. Sinar Mutiara is one of the world's leading charcoal manufacturers and exporters, producing the finest quality charcoal of different varieties and shipping them to all parts of the world for the last 12 years. The different brand varieties of our premium quality Indonesian charcoal meet the various home and commercial requirements of our customers around the globe. Since our beginning in 2011, our presence has expanded to multiple regions, and today we have over 100 permanent distributors of our products across the GCC, Turkey, Jordan, New Zealand, Australia, Korea, North America, Latin America, and Europe. The consistent progress of our company is thanks to our commitment to uncompromising quality, devoted customer services, timely delivery, unwavering professionalism, and business ethics.


Our Mission

To manufacture and export the most heat-efficient and highly durable charcoal across the globe in a secure, safe, smooth, and steadfast manner with the most competitive pricing.

Our Vision

To be the torchbearer of the Indonesian quest to provide the world’s best charcoal that satisfies the economic requirement of our customers while leaving a positive and sustainable impact on the planet.

Our Values

Uncompromising insistence on quality at all stages of production and unwavering commitment to making the export process easy and worry-free for our customers is our defining value.

Why choose us

We are making the finest charcoal in the world. Moreover, we are making trading charcoal accessible and easy for everyone.

Our vigorous efforts to build a sustainable and healthy charcoal market over the last decade have made the charcoal business easy and safe. Our unmatched and skilled workforce makes us the most reliable charcoal manufacturer and exporter in the world.

Our Team

Our Committed Team


Manzoor Kozhithodi

Chairman and Executive Director


Ninik Wulandari



Doni Fajar Satyawan

General Manager